Bob Hertzberg's


Homelessness continues to worsen, and the public has lost their trust in government to solve this problem. Voters have opened up their wallets and funded solutions.  The state has shoveled billions to the County to solve the problem.  Yet, the County’s efforts clearly have not been effective - the proof is in the pudding.

Simply put, we have problems of implementation, coordination, and responsibility - not a lack of resources. Well-intentioned policies like Measure H and Measure HHH have yet to produce real results because of a slow, costly, and complex process to build housing.  A lack of regional coordination means there is no cohesive strategy.  Instead, every agency and jurisdiction is pointing fingers.  I will take responsibility.  I will step up to lead a coordinated regional response.  I will ask the tough questions, dig into the deals, and do the work to move the needle on this problem.  Here is how:


Residents across LA County are concerned, and rightfully so, about an increase in violent crimes but also the alarming rise in in-home robberies, smash and grabs, and more.  Crime impacts victims, but also businesses and our sense of safety as a community.  Ensuring the safety of every community is job number one.  As your County Supervisor, I will make public safety a priority as I have my entire career in public service.  Simply put, we can’t play political games with the safety of our communities.  We need more police on our streets and while prioritizing community policing, greater collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and serious investments in crime prevention measures to be more proactive and not just reactive.  Here’s my plan:


To solve our housing crisis we need innovative new ideas and a coordinated strategy with business, government, housing advocates, and labor leaders working together.  As Supervisor, my focus will be on creative ways to build more housing now by taking advantage of so many ignored opportunities, like converting commercial property into housing.  More importantly, I will champion policies that help people enter homeownership, build wealth, and become invested in their communities.  We need housing and we need it now.  But, we need to do it in a smart way that helps working folks get ahead in a real way.